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Apple settles G3 class-action lawsuit

A conditional settlement has been reached in the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of G3 users by law firm King & Ferlauto, according to MacCentral. The suit alleged that Apple did not support certain G3-equipped Mac models with the same features in Mac OS X afforded to more recent G4-based systems, such as DVD playback, support for hardware graphics acceleration using OpenGL and hardware-accelerated QuickTime movie playback, while stating in a May 1998 press release that Mac OS X would be “fully-optimized” for G3-based systems. The settlement agreement calls for Apple to refund the cost of Mac OS X (up to US$129) to users who turn in their CDs. Users who feel that Mac OS X impaired their ability to run certain applications can get a $25 e-coupon for use at the online Apple Store.

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