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MacResQ offers user-installable PowerBook SuperDrives

MacResQ today announced a new “self-serve” user-installable PowerBook G4 SuperDrive upgrade. The upgrade is designed to replace your PowerBook G4’s built-in CD-RW-only or DVD-only drive with a slot-loading DVD-R/CD-RW drive, which reads at 24x, writes CD-R at 16x, writes CD-RW at 8x, and writes DVD-R/RW at 1x. The self-service upgrade sells for US$299 and includes comprehensive installation instructions. Previously, MacResQ required that you send in your PowerBook to have the drive installed. This upgrade method, which is still available, is priced at $399 and includes pick-up, overnight delivery to the PowerBookResQ service center, installation within 24 hours, and return overnight shipping.

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