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UpdateGenie – New FileMaker development tool

Press Release: UpdateGenie – New FileMaker development tool.

Hi-Voltage has announced today, July 30th 2003, as the release date for the
much-needed UpdateGenie. It is a unique development tool designed for
FileMaker developers to create and distribute update packages quickly and
easily. For over 2 years the Australian company has been developing and
personally using UpdateGenie within their client’s solutions.

UpdateGenie’s features include:
Cross-version capabilities allowing any previous version to be updated with
a single package; the option to update specific files in order to save
time; updates plug-ins both directly, and for FileMaker Server via the
AutoUpdate plug-in; works with runtime solutions; full cross-platform
capabilities; a restore function that reverts the solution back to it
pre-update condition and can easily be integrated with existing solutions.
It does all this in an attractive user-friendly interface.

“As FileMaker developers, for years we have needed an effective method to
create update packages. With UpdateGenie we are saving ourselves so much
time and our clients are impressed with the fast turnaround. Our aim is to
share this opportunity with others,” says Tony Tanevski, Managing Director
of Hi-Voltage.

For more information about Hi-Voltage and UpdateGenie, please visit their

About Hi-Voltage:
Hi-Voltage is a database and software development company that specializes
in building professional systems for both international and domestic
clients. Their focus is to build powerful and intuitive solutions that
increase productivity and are also enjoyable to use.

For more information regarding this Release:
Hi-Voltage Solutions
23 Arthur Phillip Way
Mill Park VIC 3082
Ph: +61 3 9404 4998

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