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Photos, details from Burlingame Apple Store opening

MacMinute reader Devin Allen wrote in to provide some photos and details from Saturday’s grand opening of the Burlingame, California Apple Store. “There were about 12 people that stayed overnight at the Burlingame store, I was the earliest person to come, about 7:30 AM on Friday and Thomas Logan, #2, came at about 8:10 AM,” writes Allen. “This store was slightly different from the others, because of the fact that that the construction wasn’t nearly as far down the line as others a day before the opening. Parking lines in front of the store had to be painted in, the side walk lines had to be made, and trees had to be planted… Like many of the other store openings, senior VP of retail Ron Johnson came and was thanking them for coming. The employees were pumped up, and at 10 AM we rushed in and blessed the store with our arrival. The final count of the people in line at 10:30 AM was 275, and the count before the store opening was 165.”

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