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Mac OS X: The Basics

TackyShirt is shipping!

TackyShirt Presents Mac OS X: The Basics was officially released at Macworld
CreativePro Conference & Expo in New York last week to excited attendees.
Dozens of copies of the DVDs were sold during the three days the show
floor was open. This is TackyShirt’s premiere product and it’s now available
for $39.99 at the TackyShirt online store.
Pre-sale orders have been shipped.

The DVD has 4 hours of training in 15-minute lessons presented in an
original, entertaining fashion. The lessons star famed Macintosh luminaries
Andy Ihnatko, Bob LeVitus, John Welch, and Shawn King.

TackyShirt is an innovative video production company dedicated to creating
video based educational materials with a signature style that keeps viewers
engaged and entertained while teaching the content.

If you have any sales or marketing questions, you can contact Pamala

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