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Konfabulator, Revamped!

Palo Alto, California – July 23, 2003 – Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke
are proud to announce that version 1.5 of Konfabulator is ready to
After carefully listening to our users and Widget developers,
Konfabulator, which has quickly asserted itself as one of Mac OS X’s
best all around utilities, has gained support for the most asked for

Widgets can now support drag and drop, direct text input, keyboard
events, keep track of mouse events, can be part of your desktop
(living behind your icons) or floating above everything else ignoring
mouse clicks. But the list doesn’t end there. There are over 200
new features, and countless updates to make using Konfabulator and
making Widgets easier and more fun!

But guess what, our default Widgets were updated as well, and five
new ones were added! The Weather now gives you a forecast, Picture
Frame lets you drag and drop images and folders into it, and Stock
Ticker supports unlimited symbols, and the world’s top indices. The
new Widgets show off 1.5’s newest features, like the text input field
on Where Is It?, the floating Window property in iChat Bezel, and
more drag and drop fun with Waste Basket.

Tired of the default Widgets? Visit the Widget Gallery and check out
over 350 user contributed Widgets that range from amazingly addictive
games, to incredibly useful utilities.

The Gallery is at:

And Konfabulator’s home is:

And the 1.5 download is here:

Arlo Rose introduced themeable interfaces to the world with his work
at Apple on the Appearance Manager and on the popular customization
utility Kaleidoscope. Perry Clarke switched from another well-known
OS where he worked on consumer software such as the Mplayer online
gaming client.

Press Contact: Arlo Rose ( +1 (650) 366-9912

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