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JewelCaseIllustrator 2.0.0

July 25, 2003–Blue Line Studios today announced an update of their
CD labeler JewelCaseIllustrator to version 2.0.0.

New are many image manipulation filters like
RGB balance, HSL balance, brightness and contrast, color sync, alpha
gain, blur, sharpen, edge detection, emboss, general convolution (user
defined), color style, color tint, and lens flare.

Quick Summary:
JewelCaseIllustrator is a drawing program for creating labels, tray
liners, and booklets for CDs and DVDs. A useful feature is the automatic
indexing of Finder-like directory lists to index entire volumes. The
trial version prints 12 pages before it expires.

The product homepage is at

A detailed list of its features is available at

Tutorial how to make jewel case labels at

Download and registering at

The support page

Press info at

Contact: Daniel C. Kueng

Fuerstensteinerst 47
CH-4053 Basel

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