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iMovie 3 Solutions: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2003
Contact: Debbie Rowland,
Director of Marketing
Sybex Inc.
(510) 523-8233 ext. 434

Sybex Steps Up a Notch with Updated Award-Winning iMovie=99 Book:
iMovie 3 Solutions=99: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects

San Francisco, CA, July 24, 2003=97Sybex Inc., the world’s largest
independent computer book publisher, announces the release of iMovie=99
3 Solutions=99: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects. Developed from the
prior critically acclaimed title, this newly enhanced full-color book
reveals inspiring techniques that help readers get the most out of
the latest version of Apple’s powerful yet accessible digital video
editing software, iMovie 3.’s book reviewer David Weeks said this about Sybex’s
previous award-winning iMovie 2 Solutions title: “This is an
outstanding book for those who want to move beyond iMovie’s easy,
built-in effects and learn techniques to give your videos a more
professional look.”

“With multiple awards and exceptional reader response for her prior
book, author Erica Sadun has proven that she has a real talent for
teaching people how to build stylish and exciting videos with
iMovie,” said Dan Brodnitz, Associate Publisher at Sybex. “Mirroring
Apple’s effort to make iMovie more powerful, Erica has added
high-end, functional material in this new edition that will help
moviemakers further impress their audiences.”

Create Pro-Quality Video Effects
iMovie=99 3 Solutions: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects brings
high-end visual effects to the iMovie community with easy-to-follow
projects, step-by-step instructions, and superb companion CD. This
book helps hobbyists, budding producers, and dedicated video
prosumers create unique and breathtaking videos on a budget. Noted
author Erica Sadun shows readers the ins and outs of iMovie video
tricks, including:
 Adding logos and watermarks to movies
 Producing exciting picture-in-picture effects
 Creating larger and more dynamic title sequences
 Combining animated elements with iMovie footage
 Designing interactive QuickTime skins that surround iMovie videos
 Converting PowerPoint presentations into iMovie form
 Authoring captions and subtitles for movies
 Building iMovie plug-ins

Great CD!
Packed with over 100 project videos and source material from the
book, the CD has dozens of exclusive iMovie plug-ins. There is also
a 30-day fully=96functional version of Photoshop Elements, sample video
footage, and other useful tools. A must have!

About the Author
Erica Sadun has written numerous best-selling, award-winning books
for Sybex, including Digital Video Essentials=99: Shoot, Transfer,
Edit, Share; Digital Photography Essentials=99: Point, Shoot, Enhance,
Share; and iMovie2 Solutions=99: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects. Her
iMovie 2 Solutions was honored by as the best Mac book of
the year for its category in the Fifth Annual Book Bytes Awards and
also won an Excellence in Category (Education and Instruction) award
at the 32nd Annual Bookbuilders West Book Show. Erica holds a Ph.D.
in Computer Science from Georgia Tech’s Graphics, Visualization, and
Usability Center.

About Sybex
Sybex Inc., the world’s largest independent computer book publisher,
pioneered the field of computer book publishing when it was founded
in 1976. For 27 years, Sybex has remained an autonomous force and
sustained a widely recognized reputation for developing quality,
original books on significant technologies. Recognized as the
industry leader on various subjects, Sybex has recently won a number
of awards for their first-rate graphics titles. Sybex has principal
offices in Alameda, California, and London, United Kingdom, and
maintains an international market with its books being distributed
and translated around the world.

For more information, please contact Debbie Rowland, Director of
Marketing at or (510) 523-8233 ext. 434.

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