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Hydra 1.1.1

Hydra 1.1.1 Released

Munich, Germany – July 22th, 2003
TheCodingMonkeys announce the release of Hydra 1.1.1

TheCodingMonkeys are proud to release a new version of Hydra, the
award winning Rendezvous based, collaborative text editor with
developer support.

Hydra 1.1.1 features an industry’s first Safari-powered live-updated
HTML preview. This together with Base-URI support enables users to
edit HTML files YSWYWG (“You see what you will get”) style. By
eliminating the tedious save-reload-workcycle this makes your website
development much faster.

This release of Hydra contains localizations for French, German,
Japanese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Ukrainian.

Hydra 1.1.1 requires Mac OS X 10.2 and Safari 1.0.

Hydra won the 2003 Apple Design Award for “Best Mac OS X Student
Product” honoring outstanding excellence in software design and
innovation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, 2003.
Hydra also received the first-place award in the international
category of the O’Reilly’s second Mac OS X Innovators Contest.
Entries were judged on innovation, ease of use, adherence to the Mac
OS X Human Interface Guidelines, and use of Mac OS X technologies.

TheCodingMonkeys is a small group of computer science students at
“Technische Universit=E4t M=FCnchen” (Technical University of Munich).
TCM took form at the chair of applied software engineering, known for
its continued commitment to the macintosh platform. This laid ground
for a thriving group of cocoa developers.

Hydra’s Website:
About TheCodingMonkeys:

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