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FrameForge 3D Released
First 3D Storyboarding Software That Simulates Multi-Camera Control

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 25, 2003 – Innoventive Software, LLC, announced
the release of FrameForge(tm) 3D. It provides a new, innovative way
for directors, filmmakers and other creatives to easily create and
manipulate storyboards. FrameForge 3D includes a virtual set and
fully articulated actors that allow users to explore and experiment
in ways never before possible. Availability is immediate at US$349.00
(retail) and US$249.00 (educational) from Innoventive Software, LLC
at (877) 322-7733, online at and resellers
worldwide. FrameForge 3D is available in Windows with a Macintosh
version scheduled for release in Q4, 2003.

Don’t Draw Storyboards. Direct Them!(tm)
FrameForge 3D turns storyboarding prep-work from an exercise in
graphic arts into a dynamic, creative directorial experience by
giving the user an easy-to-manipulate 3D virtual film set with fully
posable actors, hills, trees, snap-together walls, furniture, and
other elements, all of which can be dragged and dropped wherever they
are needed to depict a scene. A storyboard created with FrameForge 3D
gives cast and crew a comprehensive printed representation of the
director’s intentions, including the technical information required
to create that shot on location. In addition, it creates a direct
link from the mind of the director/filmmaker to the outside world,
providing the stepping-stones leading to smooth, cost-effective
production. Storyboard shots can be associated with parts of an
imported script, played as a slideshow, exported to standard graphics
files, HTML pages or turned into a Macromedia(r) Flash(r) animation.

Most importantly, the recording of shots into a storyboard includes
the following essential production components:
– The image of the shot as seen by a particular camera;
– A complete 2D, top-down blueprint view of all set elements
including camera position;
– The camera settings (Height, Angle of View, and Zoom) required to
get the shot.

FrameForge 3D is designed to simulate a television control room, with
monitors at the top of the screen displaying the set through up to
eight different cameras simultaneously. The use of real-world camera
controls makes framing shots easy. Storyboarding becomes a process of
creative exploration far beyond just “getting it on paper.” The
Control Room is where sets are built, cameras placed and shots
recorded for the storyboard. In addition to the view through the

A bird’s-eye Blueprint View is provided that is an invaluable tool
for building and populating sets.

Other Features
– Simulates film sizes from 16 to 70mm with numerous aperture settings;
– Up to eight virtual cameras featuring full camera controls of
Pan/Tilt, Dolly, Zoom and Crane to find the best angles or shots to
capture the story moment;
– Camera settings (Height, Angle of View and Zoom);
– Complete 2D, top-down blueprint view of all set elements including
camera position;
– Trifold view with each stored shot: Camera view, 2D view and
camera setting;
– Ability to import scripts from Movie Magic(r) Screenwriter(tm)
2000, ScriptThing(tm) and Final Draft(tm).

System Requirements
Windows 95 or better
XP Theme enabled
Pentium III 350Mhz
128 MB RAM (256MB recommended)
65 MB hard disk space

Macintosh (Q4 release):
Mac OS X
System 9.1 or better
G3 processor 500 MHz or higher
256 MB RAM minimum
65 MB hard disk space

About Innoventive Software, LLC
The team behind Innoventive Software, LLC, has previously developed
other software programs including Movie Magic(r) Screenwriter(tm)
2000, ScriptThing(tm), Power Structure(tm), Power Writer(tm) and
Power Tracker(tm).


Macintosh and Mac OS X are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL).
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT).
ScriptThing(tm), Power Structure(tm), Power Writer(tm) and Power
Tracker(tm) are trademarks of ScriptPerfection Enterprises, Inc.
Movie Magic(r) Screenwriter(tm) 2000 is a trademark of Screenplay Systems, Inc.
Final Draft is a trademark of Final Draft, Inc.

Media Contact
Dan Douma, Vice President, Marketing
Office: (415) 388-0407

Innoventive Software, LLC
4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 108
San Diego, CA 92117

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