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Announcing The ‘WebSTAR On Xserve’ Internet Colocation

MACWEB.NET 7/11/2003
Palo Alto, CA


PALO ALTO, CA — July 11, 2003 — MACWEB.NET today announced the ‘WebSTAR
on Xserve’ Internet colocation bundle that combines the 4D WebSTAR V Server
Suite on a brand new dual processor 1.33GHz Apple Xserve Cluster Node with
Gigabit Fiber Internet colocation services. This special colocation bundle
dramatically lowers total cost of entry for serious Mac webmasters needing
to deploy 4D WebSTAR V on the ultimate Apple server hardware with the
fastest and most reliable gigabit fiber Internet connectivity.

The ‘WebSTAR on Xserve’ Internet Colocation Bundle includes:

— Gigabit Fiber Internet Colocation in Palo Alto
— Dual 1.33 GHz Xserve Cluster Node (60GB/512MB)
— Mac OS X Server 10.2 “Jaguar”
— 4D WebSTAR V Server Suite 5.3
— Netopia Timbuktu 6.0.3

At just $400/month, MACWEB.NET makes Gigabit Fiber Internet colocation of a
new Apple Xserve running 4D WebSTAR V cost effective and simple. Why spend
thousands up front for a new Apple Xserve when renting an Xserve bundled
with 4D WebSTAR V and Internet colocation may be a far more affordable

Xserve Cluster Node is a special configuration Xserve that’s tailor-made
for deploying as a 4D WebSTAR server. With dual 1.33GHz processors it
delivers the high-density compute power for 4D WebSTAR V without the server
features you won’t use like a 2nd Ethernet interface, additional drive
bays, CDROM, and Mac OS X Server Unlimited.

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