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PowerFile: One-Terabyte Optical Storage Library for MAC OS X

PowerFile, Inc. Launches One-Terabyte Optical Storage Library for MAC OS X
New PowerFile MFX products, priced from $2,799, offer high capacity DVD/CD
read and read-write network storage library solutions

Los Gatos, Calif. =96 July 10, 2003 – PowerFile Inc, the leading provider of
optical storage library solutions, announced today the immediate
availability of the only optical storage libraries available for Mac OS X:
the C200 MFX and R200 MFX. The new MFX products are priced between $2,799 –
$4,799 (MSRP). They will make their debut at the MacWorld CreativePro Expo
taking place at the Javits Center in New York City July 16 – 18, 2003 in
booth # 560.

“By being the first optical library to support Mac OS X, PowerFile has
demonstrated its continuing commitment to the Macintosh market,” said Matt
Ridenour, CEO of PowerFile. “With support for OS X and with a cost below
most hard drive and tape storage technologies, our libraries are now
available to a much larger set of customers.”

PowerFile’s read-only solution, the C200 MFX, allows a user to archive,
catalog and access up to 200 existing DVD/CD’s for access over a network.
The read-write PowerFile R200 MFX libraries allow users to publish,
archive, catalog and access almost a terabyte of data per unit. The
MediaFinder X (MFX) software that comes bundled with the PowerFile C200 and
R200, allows users to store and catalog almost any type of DVD/CD easily
while providing fast access to those files on the host computer or over a
LAN/WAN. The new products are also compatible with most other Mac content
management solutions including Cumulus from Canto and Portfolio from

“PowerFile products are ideally suited for Macintosh customers,” said Don
Sturtz, PowerFile Chief Operating Officer. “For creative professionals, a
DVD library is the best way to catalog and access millions of photographs,
design, video or graphics files over a network. For mixed environments,
PowerFile’s storage libraries give network users the unique ability to
access DVD/CD’s from MAC, PC and UNIX clients.”

The new PowerFile MFX products offer:

* High Capacity – Each PowerFile Library can hold almost a terabyte of
optical storage.
* Scalability =96 A 19″ rack mount design and capacity that can scale from
1-5TB’s per FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection. Up to 5 units can be
daisy-chained to offer up 4.7TB of reliable optical storage capacity.
* Affordability – PowerFile libraries are the most cost effective on the
market and the only to support OS X.
* Exclusive Cross-Platform Support – Using an OS X server, share the
PowerFile library with Mac OS X, Apple-Share, Windows (CIFS), Unix (NFS),
and FTP clients. No client software is required!
* Perfect complement to Apple=AE Xserve RAID and Xserve
* Easy-to-Use – Plug in the library and it appears right on the desktop!
* Automated Disc Management – Discs automatically mount and un-mount as
* Easy Administration – Manage discs by control-clicking on them in the
Finder, and work with your PowerFile as if it were a hard drive.
* Easy Configuration- Change the library settings in Mac OS X System
* Improved Security Features =96 Library contents may have Mac OS X user/gro=
privileges assigned to them.
* Easy Catalog and Fast Access – Directory cache is automatically maintained
using an included license for DiskTracker for Mac OS X from Portents.
* Integration with Other Mac OS X Applications – The new products are
compatible with other Mac applications including Cumulus from Canto and
Portfolio from Extensis.

About PowerFile, Inc.
Founded in 1998, PowerFile ( is the developer and maker
of affordable high capacity optical storage solutions. The company has
unique and patented optical technology for use in archiving, digital asset
management and backup applications. The company is privately held and
headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information or to purchase
product call 877-938-3669.

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