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Westciv releases Style Master 3 CSS editor for Mac OS X

Westciv releases Style Master 3 CSS editor for Mac OS X: the ease of
WYSIWYG, and now the power of hand coding.

July 10, 2003 – Bondi Beach, Australia – Westciv announces Style Master 3,
a major upgrade to their popular CSS editor for the Mac OS.

The new Style Master is Mac OS X native, and has been completely
overhauled, integrating hand coding tools with the powerful, easy to use
editors which have earned the application such a loyal following among
standards based web developers.

CSS is the web standards way of creating web page style, but the learning
curve can be steep. Style Master’s Wizards, browser support info, easy to
use editors and integrated previewing mean that even novices can be
designing sophisticated web page appearance in minutes. Seasoned coders
will be even more productive. All this in a lightweight environment that
plays happily with any web developer’s HTML editor of choice.

Features include

* Easy to use editors for every aspect of CSS: selectors, properties and
@rules. Developers can create style sheets and learn the technology as they
* Tools for hand coding, to service even the most advanced needs.
* Browser support alerts and advice inside the app: developers don’t need
to waste time wondering why a style sheet isn’t working because Style
Master has all the answers for all the major browsers back to version 4.
* Easy access to external previewing to ensure maximum compatibility with
minimum pain.
* Integrated CSS support and info in language people will understand.
* Wizard, templates and tutorial so that first style sheet can be created fast.

All in a lightweight customizable environment built for the comfort of
beginners and advanced users alike. Style Master 3 – the ease of WYSIWYG
with the power of hand coding.

For more information contact:
Maxine Sherrin
8/54 Mitchell St
Bondi NSW 2026 Australia
61 2 9130 1731

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