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Pixar seeking RenderMan for Mac feedback

Pixar is currently requesting feedback from Mac users who are interested in having the company release its RenderMan products for use with the new Power Mac G5. “We have benchmarked PhotoRealistic RenderMan on Apple’s new Power Mac G5 and have found the performance of the G5 to be impressive,” said Pixar. “We are considering a full release of our software for the G5, depending on customer demand and other issues.” RenderMan is Pixar’s professional rendering sofware, which has been used in several feature films including “Finding Nemo,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” and “The Hulk.” Pixar, which is headed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, also noted that if the RenderMan products are announced for the G5, the earliest such statement would come is August when the G5 ships. Thanks to MacMinute reader Ian Lockyer for pointing us to this info.

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