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QuickerTek Introduces New Apple Airport Base Station Upgrade


Antenna Upgrade Triples Wireless networks reception and range for Snow and
Graphite Apple Airport base stations

WICHITA, Kan. –6/16/03– QuickerTek Inc. has announced the availability of
a new external antenna upgrade for Apple Airport wireless Base Stations.
This new product adds significant range and speed to Apple wireless
networks – ideal for those network installations with needs that exceed the
standard wireless capability. This antenna upgrades the customer’s existing
Airport Base Station.

QuickerTek receives the customer’s Airport Base Station and then adds a
5Dbi omni antenna that increases the effective line-of-sight range to 500
yards. The QuikerTek Omni Antenna upgrade is intended for the Snow and
Graphite Base Stations.

QuickerTek modifies the customer’s Base Station, adding the Omni antenna
while guaranteeing a 24 hour “receive to ship” turnaround, so the impact to
customer productivity is minimized.

Rick Estes, president of QuickerTek, said, ” This Base Station Antenna
System smokes the competiton and provides Apple’s wireless networking with
increased range and speed – the two things our customers want most.”

This upgrade works with both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X and requires no special
software upgrades or drivers.

The Airport Base Station Antenna has a list price is $250. (There is an
advance exchange option that costs $350 and then provides a $100 rebate
paid after the customer sends in a working base station, for a net cost of

Where To Buy
All QuickerTek, Inc. products can be found at
( All the technical
specifications, pictures and ordering info can be found at
For more information about high-performance wireless antenna products for
Apple PowerBook and Macintosh computers contact QuickerTek at 7777 E. Osie
St, Suite 304B, Wichita, KS 67208, phone 316-691-1585 or email, or visit the web site at

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