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Impression 1.5: Backup Utility for Mac OS X

I’m pleased to announce the 1.5 release of Impression, a backup utility for
Mac OS X. For immediate release:

Impression 1.5 is a significant update to the backup application for OS X.
This version adds direct-to-disk archiving, file-copy support and
performance enhancements. The UI has been brightened up and various bugs
have been fixed.

Specific features and enhancements include:
– Impression now supports direct-to-drive backups by writing secure
disk images to any mounted media. Disk image compression and checksum
options are available.
– ‘File copy’ mode is available in addition to pax archiving, which
offers a tremendous speed gain for archiving large volumes of small
– The code for the backup engine has been reviewed and consolidated,
resulting in an average 10% speed boost over Impression 1.14. In
addition, the restore code has been sped up 5-15x when ‘run as root’.
– The UI has been reworked significantly, adding new icons and
streamlining choices and options available throughout the application.
– Bugs in the checksum module and in the restore engines have been
– Many more enhancements and tweaks.

Impression costs US$20 (US$22.50 through Kagi) currently, and as always
updates are free to registered owners. Please note that Impression’s price
will be increasing to US$25 (US$27.50 through Kagi) on July 15, 2003. Buy
your copy now and save!

Impression is available for download right now at this address:

Thanks for your time,

Steve Elliott
Babel Company

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