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Missing Sync for Pocket PC to support iApps, Address Book

Mark/Space today announced Missing Sync for Pocket PC, the first third-party iSync conduit offering support for iCal and Mac OS X Address Book synchronization. The software will enable you to connect and synchronize data between a Pocket PC handheld and a Mac running Mac OS X and iSync 1.1. “Missing Sync for Pocket PC is the only product that integrates your Pocket PC handheld with iTunes and iPhoto, as well as synchronizes calendar items, to do items and contacts with the iCal and Address Book applications,” notes the developer. “From within iTunes your handheld and memory cards show up as an MP3 player, where you can add and remove audio files by simply dragging and dropping. From within iPhoto you can export and resize photos for optimal viewing on a Pocket PC handheld.” An “Early Adopter” version of the software is planned for release before the Macworld CreativePro conference in July.

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