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LANsurveyor 7.1

Announcing LANsurveyor 7.1: Powerful Yet Easy to Use Network Management

Free Macintosh Update and Two New Product Configurations Now Available

LAFAYETTE, CA (June 3, 2003)-Neon Software, Inc. announced today the
immediate availability of LANsurveyor for Macintosh, version 7.1.
LANsurveyor 7.1 helps network administrators and IT Managers visualize
their networks, solve network problems and protect their networks from
software audit risks.

LANsurveyor 7.1 is a free update for LANsurveyor 7.0 customers as well as
Xserve Edition customers who receive LANsurveyor as part of the ongoing
Apple Xserve bundle.

Designed for small-to-mid-sized organizations, educational institutions,
and workgroups in large organizations, LANsurveyor documents, protects,
manages and maintains networks. Macintosh network administrators and IT
managers have used LANsurveyor for ten years because of its ease of use,
excellent reporting, remote administration and monitoring.

“I use LANsurveyor because my network has over 4500 devices and I needed to
be able to quickly and easily pinpoint the physical location of network
problems,” said Jeffrey Blank, senior network engineer for Allegany County
Public Schools. “No other product came close to automatically creating such
a complete map, especially at this price point.”

“LANsurveyor is unique because it provides four essential functions in a
single, easy to use, and cost-effective application,” said Craig Isaacs,
president of Neon Software. “Only LANsurveyor delivers automatic network
maps, asset management, and network monitoring along with remote
administration and software distribution for small- to medium-sized

LANsurveyor is easy to install and operate. Unlike some solutions that can
be expensive and require extensive training or a team of consultants to
master and install, LANsurveyor installs quickly and easily scales to meet
customer requirements.

LANsurveyor is comprised of two software components: the LANsurveyor
application and Neon Responder clients. The application is installed on the
administrator’s Macintosh, and Neon Responders are installed on the managed
Windows and Macintosh computers.

New Product Configurations

LANsurveyor 7.1 features the debut of two new product configurations:
LANsurveyor Workgroup Edition and LANsurveyor Enterprise Edition.

LANsurveyor Workgroup Edition includes the LANsurveyor management station
and one hundred (100) Neon Responder clients for US$995. LANsurveyor
Enterprise Edition includes the management station and support for an
unlimited number of Neon Responder Clients for US$9,995. The standard
edition of LANsurveyor includes support for twenty (20) Neon Responder

Additional Neon Responders are available for both the standard and
workgroup editions in packs of twenty five (25), fifty (50), one hundred
(100), and five hundred (500).

All products are now available for either Macintosh or Windows computers.

New Features in 7.1

LANsurveyor 7.1 includes several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes,

– encrypted client access for more secure interactions between the
LANsurveyor application and Neon Responders;

– enhanced SNMP discovery, reporting, and trap handling;

– new online tutorials;

– modifications to support Mac OS X 10.2.6, in both the LANsurveyor
application and the Neon Responder; and,

– performance improvements in client reporting.

The free update is available immediately from

LANsurveyor includes four different functional areas:

Automatic Network Maps

The network map charts all AppleTalk and IP-based network hardware,
including desktops, servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers.
LANsurveyor scans a given IP address range and finds nodes using industry
standard identification and discovery methods (ping/ICMP and SNMP) as well
as specialized network requests.

Asset Management

LANsurveyor allows administrators to create reports that include more than
100 different pieces of information. Backup Profiler, Software Inventory,
and Software Meter are included as standard reports, and custom reports can
be created for any combination of nodes and report fields.

Network Monitor

Any network node displayed on the map can be monitored with a LANsurveyor
Poll List. LANsurveyor periodically sends network data and waits for a
response and not only verifies that map objects are responsive but also
provides statistics on how quickly the object responds. In addition,
LANsurveyor alerts can send notification if map objects become unresponsive
or become responsive again.

Remote Administration and Distribution

Administrators can remotely manage computers running the Neon Responder.
There are ten management options available, including shutdown/restart,
send file/folder, store notes, send message, change password, quit process,
and launch application.

For detailed information about LANsurveyor, visit

About Neon Software

Neon Software has focused on creating easy to use and cost-effective
network management solutions since 1989. In addition to LANsurveyor, Neon
Software publishes CyberGauge and NetMinder Ethernet. CyberGauge uses SNMP
to monitor and chart bandwidth in real-time and produce daily, weekly, and
monthly Quality of Service (QoS) and billing reports. NetMinder Ethernet
captures and decodes packet data as it moves through the network, quickly
pinpointing security issues and network problems.

For additional information, visit

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