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O’Reilly releases ‘iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual’

O’Reilly has announced the release of “iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual” (US$24.95), co-authored by David Pogue, Joseph Schorr and Derrick Story. “Apple’s wildly popular iPhoto, for its new Macintosh computers, is a gorgeous, polished digital shoebox for uploading, organizing, printing, publishing, and touching up digital photos. iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual — presented by best-selling author David Pogue — keeps pace with the recently revised software, charting the changes and illustrating the interactivity among Apple’s iLife software products. With this guide, Macintosh fans can take their digital photos on to the screen, the Web, printouts, hardbound photo books, and even to DVDs, CDs, and digital movies.”

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