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ActiveDeveloper v2.12


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ActiveDeveloper v2.12 — IDE Released for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2

May 2003 — Vestbjerg, Denmark — Today InterACTIVE-Technology released
version 2.12 of ActiveDeveloper for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2 – our Runtime
Objective-C & C IDE, JIT compiler and Debugger with support for Cocoa.

The ActiveDeveloper IDE cuts your API learning curve and allows incremental
Development of any Project. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object
IDE allowing you to build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime while
they run. Thereby bringing you a whole lot closer to the Objects you work
with …

ActiveDeveloper version 2.12 responds to user requests with a lot of
improvements on the user interface. It now has a much better fit with the
Aqua desktop. The upgrade is free for all current users and based on test
feedback we can encourage everyone to make the switch to ActiveDeveloper
version 2.12.

ActiveDeveloper – “Grow” your Apps – through incremental JIT Compilation

– Develop, Test, Debug and Play – at runtime
– Edit-compile-play cycles in 1-2 seconds
– Deploy NATIVE Apps – with NO ActiveDeveloper dependency

— Available for MacOS X, Windows and OpenStep.

ActiveDeveloper – Pricing:

Commercial Single platform (Thin) multi user license – only $ 99
Personal Single platform (Thin) single user licenses – only $ 49
Educational Single platform (Thin) 5-pack user licenses – only $249

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