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iCalMaker 1.0 easily creates vCal files

MMISoftware has released iCalMaker 1.0, a new program that allows you to easily create vCal appointment files for use with iCal and other similar applications. With iCalMaker, you can import data from the clipboard, tab and comma delimited files, Palm Desktop vCal files, and from iCal files. It is also possible to merge appointments from multiple calendars; create appointments within iCalMaker; to make appointments as single or repeating (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) event with exclusion dates; and also as “request appointments,” with direct access to the Address Book for e-mail addresses. Once the data has been imported or created, it can be edited as required and exported directly to iCal, or as an attached iCal file, Palm Desktop vCal file, an iCal file. iCalMaker runs on Mac OS X and sells for US$25.

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