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Alfred 1.5

Alfred 1.5

A shortfall of Mac OS X has just gone. Alfred is an easy to use,
customizable, universal plug-ins manager. Inspired from Mac OS 9’s Finder
and Extensions Manager, taking care of Mac OS X specificities, it improves
user experience to install, remove and manage any kind of plug-ins like
screen savers, preference panes, fonts… or anything else.

Main features include:
– Easy plug-in installation and removal.
– Dedicated user interface synthesizing installed plug-ins.
– Useful plug-in management functionalities.
– Customizable rules.

This update focuses on making the application more user friendly, adds
numerous new features and fixes a few bugs.

– The rules have been extended with an icon and an overview. The overview
describes the role of the plug-ins and should help novice users. Moreover,
the name and the overview are now localizable (French localization has been
added for built-in rules).

– Many user interfaces have been renovated. The rule editors have been
replaced by a brand new rule inspector, the preferences window have been
revamped and the installation dialog has been sightly updated. New
interfaces are clearer and better respect Apple’s guidelines.

– The batch lists now support file drag and drop and copy/paste.

– Alfred’s engine has been improved. The names of the folders containing
the disabled files can now be customized with the appropriate prefixes or
suffixes, and the exploration depth can now be limited for deep browsing
(2, 3, 4 or unlimited level). Moreover, each rule can use its own specific

Alfred 1.5 requires any computer running Mac OS X 10.1 (Puma) or later.

Alfred 1.5 can be downloaded at

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