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MacAT v6.6 released. Cron for MacOS 8/9/X

MacAT – The leading automated task scheduling application for
Macintosh server administrators.

New MacAT v6.6.

– Multiple Weekly, Monthly and Yearly tasks are now scheduled more reliably

MacAT is a “cron” task scheduling application for Macintosh server
administrators. It is a PowerPC or carbon application that allows more than
42 of the most common MacOS tasks to be run daily, weekly, fortnightly,
monthly or yearly without user intervention.

These scheduled tasks include:
Launching Applications, Files and AppleScripts; Quitting individual
applications or alternatively quitting all currently running processes;
Rename and Delete any File or Folder; Hide and Show applications, Mount
remote AppleShare volumes; Copy Files or Folders to mounted AppleShare
volumes; Unmount nominated AppleShare volumes; Restart or shutdown the
Macintosh, eject Zip disks and send eMail.

$49 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia


Dr Gerard Hammond
Bioinformatic Analyst
Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.

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