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SubRosaSoft Ships version 2.0 of Volume 1 – File Utilities


SubRosaSoft Ships version 2.0 of Volume 1 – File Utilities

– Upgrade for Privacy Utility Includes Text Encryption and Free Space Shredding Features, Apple Keychain support and Streamlined User Interface –

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, (May 7th, 2003)— Ltd., a company based in New Zealand focused in privacy and disk utility software, today announced the immediate availability of ( )SubRosa Volume 1-File Utilities 2.0. The new version features two new privacy utilities in addition to the improvements made on the existing applications.

SubRosaSoft Volume 1 ö File Utilitiesú now comes with five easy-to-use security utilities. SubRosaSoft Encryptor allows a user to take files and folders and encrypt them into a secure format. SubRosaSoft Shredder securely erases files or folders from your computer and SubRosaSoft Decryptor is used to convert files made by Encryptor back into their original format. SubRosaSoft Textcrypt creates ãInternet friendlyä encrypted strings that can be sent using any chat client, email program, or messaging system. SubRosaSoft Freerasor completely shred the confidential files previously trashed but not deleted securely.

“Most users of the previous versions of SubRosaSoft Vol. 1 found it extremely easy to use,” explained Marko Kostyrko– Volume 1’s creator. “The new version continues on the same design philosophy with additional utilities.”

SubRosaSoft Freerasor permanently erases previously used parts of your hard drive. ãEmptying the trash will not remove your files completely. A tech savvy user can still recover the files with the help of data recovery software or hardware. If you have already trashed sensitive material and want to make sure nothing can be recovered, Freerasor is a must.ä stated Marko. He continued, ãWhen SubRosaSoft Freerasor goes to work, it overwrites the free space of the volume with an industry recognized secure pattern, making it impossible to recover any files.ä

ãThe Internet is an unsecured network. Anything you send across it can be snooped upon, With the new SubRosaSoft Textcrypt, you can encrypt your text into secured strings that can be sent using almost any chat client, e-mail program, or messaging system. The chance of an unintended party being able to read your email or you chat become extremely low.ä Marko Kostyrko explained.

ãIn additional to the new utilities, the original trio of the software are also updated with improvements such as support for Apple Keychain and a better user interface than the already easy-to use design.ä Marko Kostyrko concluded.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

( )SubRosaSoft Volume 1 ö File Utilities is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$24.95. All current owners of SubRosaSoft Vol. 1 can upgrade to the new version for $12.95.

( )SubRosaSoft Volume 1 ö File Utilities (Macintosh) requires System 9.0 or later, including Max OS X, Power Macintosh CPU, and 8 MB of available RAM.

( Volume 1 ö File Utilities (Windows) requires Windows 98 or later, and 8 MB of available RAM.

More About SubRosaSoft Software, Ltd

Founded in 2002, SubRosaSoft, Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialized in privacy related utilities. SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software. Future products in SubRosaSoft’s product roadmap include more privacy related products and storage related utilities.

For more information, contact SubRosaSoft by e-mail at () or visit (

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