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Freak Software Releases 6 Examples For REALbasic 5

Send Email, Read Email, Download Files, Display Images from the
Internet and More!

Orange, California (May 5, 2003) — Freak Software is pleased to announce
the availability of 5 socket examples and one example that demonstrates the
use of the new ToolbarItem classes and Drawer window in REAL Software,
Inc.’s REALbasic version 5. The examples are some of the beginning of a
large series which will be continually released over the coming weeks.

“These examples are meant to guide users new to REALbasic 5 towards
understanding and using the product’s latest features,” said Seth Willits,
President and Head Developer of Freak Software.

The current examples include:

Socket Examples:
* Download Display Image – Uses an HTTPSocket to download an image to
display in a canvas.
* Download to FolderItem – Uses an HTTPSocket to download any file to
a local file.
* Download to REALbasic – Uses an HTTPSocket to download any file
directly into a String variable.
* Form Submitter – Demonstrates submitting a POST form on a web page
using an HTTPSocket.
* REALmail – the foundation for a REALbasic-made email client, REALmail
retrieves and sends email through POP3 and SMTP sockets both new in
REALbasic 5.

Interface Examples:
* Toolbar & Drawer – Using StandardToolbarItems and ToolbarItems, this
example shows how to use a toolbar effectively with dynamic images
for toggle feedback such as the showing and hiding of a drawer used
in the project.

In the future examples currently planned, the projects will exemplify the
KeyChain Manager classes, UPDSocket class, ServerSocket class, and the new
and improved menu system.

The examples are immediately available at the following address:

Freak Software was founded in 1999 and is based in Orange, California. For
more information, visit

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