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Bluestream Releases XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Native XML Database

Bluestream Releases XStreamDB 3.0 Native XML Database

Major upgrade adds features for collaborative content management

Vancouver, Canada — April 29, 2003 — /Software Wire/ — Bluestream, a
leading provider of XML data solutions for content management and
e-business integration, releases a major upgrade to its native XML
database. Available immediately, XStreamDB(tm) Version 3.0 adds features
designed to help developers and integrators deploy solutions for
collaborative content management with XML and binary data.

XStreamDB(tm) 3.0’s new resource manager enables integration with authoring
and publishing software for complete lightweight content management
solutions for publishing to Web or print. Bluestream adds support for
Corel(r) XMetaL(r) for XML content authoring using XMetaL(r)’s word
processor-like view on content. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 improves support Altova
XMLSpy(r) for editing data-centric XML documents.

New features include: shared resource management with URIs, resource
checkout to disk, faster full-text search and indexing, built-in WebDAV
server, event triggers, automated backup, and the new XStreamDB(tm) 3.0
Server Console application for easier server administration. XStreamDB(tm)
3.0 now supports binary document types with MIME type attributes in
addition to native XML document support, and has added derivation by
extension and attribute groups to W3C schemas support. Full-text search is
further improved with LIKE wildcard matching, found word marking, phrase
search, and proximity search.

“After extensive consultation and planning we have produced an XML database
that provides capabilities often found only in much higher-priced
enterprise systems,” says Jim Tivy, Bluestream president. “Armed with
XQuery, full text search, and resource management, application developers
will be able to deliver amazing value to customers at a much-reduced cost.”

XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 is a cross-platform database server built on Java(r)
technology that can be deployed on Windows(r), Solaris(r), Mac OS X, or
Linux. It provides access to documents and data through a Java API, WebDAV
or the included XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Explorer application. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0
supports XQuery with update extensions, full text search, shared resource
management, and XML schemas with automatic validation. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0
is ACID compliant, has full transaction model capabilities with commit and
rollback, and MD5 authentication. Documents are stored in native XML
object representation using Bluestream’s Streamstore(tm) data persistence

For developers, XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 provides all the necessary capabilities
for building full featured content management, digital asset management or
Web publishing applications. It includes programming examples, sample
applications, and complete API documentation.

Requirements: XStreamDB(tm) is a pure Java(r) technology based server,
requiring Java 1.3 or 1.4 Runtime Environment. Supported platforms include
Mac OS X, Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP, and Solaris. A typical configuration
on Windows(r) uses a minimum 64MB RAM and under 10MB disk space, not
including data storage. Suggested memory is 128MB or greater. For WebDAV
capabilities and the ability to access XStreamDB(tm) resources as URIs, a
J2EE compliant Web application server is required. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 ships
with the open source Tomcat Web server from the Apache Jakarta
Project. Other supported servers include Caucho Resin(tm) and Macromedia JRUN.

Price and Availability:

XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 is available now through Bluestream or authorized
resellers and solution providers. A free 30-day evaluation download
(unlimited connections and storage) is available from the Bluestream Web
site at XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Developer version is $500 US
per seat (for development purposes only); XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Level 1 is
$1300 US per CPU (limited to 50MB storage); XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Level 2 is
$3000 US per CPU for unlimited storage. All versions have unlimited
connections. Technical Support is available separately as an annual
support agreement at $1200 US or $100 US per incident. Upgrades are
available to existing customers. OEM and VAR inquiries welcome for volume
or component discount pricing.

About Bluestream Database Software Corp.

Bluestream is a leading provider of XML data management products and
solutions for e-business and content management. The company’s flagship
product is XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 (also marketed as GoXML DB by XML Global
Technologies), a cross-platform native XML database supporting XQuery,
Schemas, and full-text search, with a complete transaction based
architecture. Founded in 1997 by Jim Tivy, Bluestream is an innovator in
data storage and access, delivering standards-based, cross-platform servers
and components for enterprise and desktop applications. Jim Tivy is a
member of the W3C working group on XQuery. For further information,
contact Bluestream at (604) 669-4469 or visit

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