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Belkin launches line of accessories for new iPods

Belkin today introduced new accessories for the latest iPods, which Apple unveiled yesterday at the special music event in San Francisco. The Auto Kit for iPod (US$39.99) connects the new iPod to a car’s power source and speaker system, and includes a cable that charges the unit from the car’s cigarette lighter. The Auto Kit also offers an adjustable amplifier and 3.5mm audio-out jack that allows you to play the iPod through the car stereo or other audio equipment. The Backup Battery Pack for iPod ($59.99) allows you to easily power the new iPod with replaceable batteries. It provides 15-20 hours of playing time and incorporates a power-level indicator to signify when the batteries are running low. The Mobile Cassette Adapter ($19.99) connects the iPod to a car stereo through the car’s in-dash cassette player. All three products will be available on May 1.

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