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Link Checker 1.1.4


April 29, 2003 – dot software is pleased to announce the release of Link
Checker 1.1.4. Link Checker is a fast link verifying tool that allows you
to find all broken and redirected links on your web site. Links can also be
fixed if the web site is checked locally.

Link Checker features:
– Store settings for multiple web sites
– Custom Regular Expression link parsing modules
– Fix broken links for local sites
– Tells you about redirected links
– Multiple socket connections for speed
-Save your link checks in HTML reports

New Features for 1.1.4:
– Built in parse modules (HREF and SRC) rewritten
– many bug fixes
– a manual
– interface improvements
– ability to create reports
– ability to download parse modules

Link Checker is available for Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS. More information
can be found at the dot software website at:

The classic version of Link Checker can be found at:

While the Mac OS X version can be found at:

About dot software:
dot software is a small shareware company based in Alberta, Canada that
strives to create top-notch shareware products. Among other products
offered by dot software are Aquaruler, and Cookie Muncher. dot software can
be found on the web at

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