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DropDMG 2.1

DropDMG 2.1 is now available.

DropDMG is the easiest way to create “.dmg”, “.img”, and “.smi” disk images
on Mac OS X. It can encrypt images and encode them with GZip, BZip2, or
MacBinary. It can create images with rich-text license agreements. It also
supports segmented images and images that auto-open when you mount them.
All the options are available from AppleScript.

New in this Version:

* Remembers recent and favorite destination folders.

* Can create Internet-enabled disk images.

* Simplified the drag modifiers, the preferences window, and the
scripting interface.

* Can move the source folder to the trash after creating an image.

* Can choose the destination folder when converting.

* You can now specify preferences overrides using one sheet per
image, rather than a single modal dialog.

* See the manual for the full list of changes.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later (10.2.5 recommended)
Price: $10; free update for owners of 1.x or 2.0
Download: (
More Info: (
Contact: Michael Tsai (

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