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Surround SCM 1.5 for Mac OS X

Seapine Software Announces Availability of Surround SCM 1.5 for Mac OS X

Mason, Ohio — (BUSINESS WIRE) =96 April 22, 2003 =96 Seapine Software,=
Inc., a
leading provider of integrated software development lifecycle management
tools, today announced the immediate availability of Surround SCM 1.5 for
Mac OS X. Surround SCM is a robust, cross-platform software configuration
management (SCM) solution that tracks software source code changes,
facilitates remote access to a source code repository, and enforces
security and a structured change control process. New in version 1.5 is
integration with Guiffy Software=92s compare and merge utility, advanced
searching, shadow folders, and additional speed and usability enhancements.

=93With the inclusion of Guiffy, the leading cross-platform compare and merg=
utility, and a wide array of new features and enhancements, Surround SCM
1.5 is an exciting release for us and our customers,=94 said Richard
Riccetti, president of Seapine Software. =93The new features in version 1.5
demonstrate our continued commitment to deliver a complete, cross-platform
change management solution as part of our lifecycle management suite.=94

The Guiffy compare and merge utility is now fully integrated and included
with Surround SCM 1.5. Guiffy is the leading cross-platform utility for
comparing and merging source files of any type, with built-in support for
UNICODE, MBCS, and over 150 file encoding formats. Guiffy also provides
sophisticated folder and file compare and synchronization capabilities,
making the task of merging, upgrading, and identifying changes as easy and
as safe as possible.

A key new Surround SCM 1.5 feature is advanced searching, which facilitates
finding source files by various attributes. Users can search for files by
filename, check out status, comments, or the existence of specific events.
Advanced searching also includes support for regular expressions.

In Surround SCM 1.5 users can create shadow folders to set up a central
directory containing current versions of all files in a repository. This
feature provides a centralized area to view read-only source code and
documents. Additional features in version 1.5 include branch freezing,
advanced check in/get options, an analyze utility, speed enhancements, and
a rollback command that restores a file to a previous version.

Surround SCM 1.5 is available immediately for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and
Solaris, to customers worldwide through Seapine Partners, Authorized
Resellers, and Seapine Software. The Guiffy utility is included with
Surround SCM for no additional charge. For more information about Surround
SCM, or to request a 30-day evaluation version, please visit

About Seapine Software
Seapine Software, Inc., located in Mason, Ohio, develops industry-leading
solutions for software development. Seapine=92s scalable product line
automates the software development lifecycle. Over 4,700 companies
worldwide use Seapine=92s products to develop higher quality software

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