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DeltaGraph 5

DeltaGraph 5 Now Available for the First Time to Mac OS X Users

Red Rock’s DeltaGraph 5 Expands the Science and Art of Graphing to Take
Advantage of Apple’s Quartz Extreme Graphics and Aqua Interface

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 22, 2003) -Red Rock Software today announced
the immediate availability of DeltaGraph=FA 5, bringing the powerful,
award-winning, graphing software to the Mac=A8 OS X platform. This new
version extends the charting, graphing, and data-analysis tools of
DeltaGraph to take full advantage of the Macintosh=A8 Quartz Extreme=FA
graphics system and Aqua=FA interface.

Building on the benefits of the UNIX-based OS X operating system,
DeltaGraph 5 enables Mac users to develop a broad spectrum of 2D and 3D
graphs and charts containing the visual effects found in the Aqua
interface. In addition, the software is optimized for the new Quartz
Extreme graphics system, greatly improving the video and graphic
performance of Apple computers.

“DeltaGraph 5 has taken the beautifully-innovative graphic capabilities
that Mac OS X is known for and combined it with the science of data
analysis,” said Craig Hopson, CEO of Red Rock Software. “Using DeltaGraph,
numbers, formulas and statistics are turned into compelling information
that is engaging, enlightening, and easier to analyze.”

The newest release of DeltaGraph contains over 80 chart and graph types
with over 200 styles to address specific business needs. The software helps
researchers, analysts, and managers who work with complex sets of data to
collect, analyze and present their findings in a visually compelling and
memorable manner. The flexible program includes a chart advisor and style
libraries that enable users to quickly edit and arrange legends, grids, and
pictures anywhere on a chart to achieve a greater level of impact and

“The ability to rapidly communicate ideas and concepts is invaluable,” said
Patrick Arnott, a DeltaGraph 5 beta user from the Division of Atmospheric
Sciences, Desert Research Institute. “With all the customizable charts in
DeltaGraph 5, I’m able to share information with a wide audience.”

In addition to charts and graphs, DeltaGraph’s Formula Builder, with 50
statistical and other mathematical functions, helps users shorten the time
it takes to analyze data from a variety of angles. DeltaGraph publishes
results as paper reports, electronic presentations, or Web documents. This
is the first time DeltaGraph has been available for Mac OS X users.

Pricing and Availability

DeltaGraph 5 for Mac OS X is available immediately at for an estimated
street price of US$299 for a single license. Qualified users of DeltaGraph
versions 1.0 to 4.5 can upgrade to DeltaGraph 5 Mac for an estimated street
price of US$199. Please visit for more
information. Academic and Multi-user licenses are also available by calling

About Red Rock Software

In addition to its DeltaGraph and TRAQtix business products, Red Rock
Software ( offers a comprehensive set of software design,
engineering and management services. Red Rock has provided custom software
solutions in science, medical, publishing, multimedia and office automation
fields since 1994.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Red Rock Software produces desktop, Web and
enterprise-level applications for companies throughout the United States.

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