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Vivendi exec: Apple may offer $6 billion for Universal Music

A Vivendi Universal executive is quoted in a new Bloomberg report saying that Apple may bid US$6 billion for the Universal Music unit. Vivendi Director Claude Bebear said Apple “will probably make an offer for the music business, for about $6 billion.” He noted that the price of $6 billion for the music unit is “a bit low.” Bebear also said General Electric, owner of NBC television, Viacom and John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media Corp, are “all interested” in buying some of Vivendi’s U.S. entertainment unit. Update (04-16-03 12:15) – Reuters is now reporting that Bebear denied having given his view on talks between Vivendi and Apple. “Regarding a report by Bloomberg, Claude Bebear denies having given a view on any negotiations which may be underway,” a spokesman said, reading a statement given to him by Bebear. “He believes that as a director it is not up to him to make such a declaration.”

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