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Net-Sieve Announces SPAM Challenge, They Pay You


Net-Sieve Announces SPAM Challenge, Two New Customers

Offers to pay companies for non-SPAM blocked by SPAM-fighting device.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 15, 2003 — Challenging businesses to prove to
themselves that the cost of SPAM is hurting their bottom line, Net-Sieve,
Inc. ( today announced the “Net-Sieve Challenge.” Under
the Challenge, Net-Sieve will pay qualified companies that install their
product at their location for two weeks $10 for every non-SPAM email
message that they block and the company will pay $1 for every SPAM message
blocked, some restrictions apply. Details are available at the Net-Sieve’s
web-site by visiting

Net-Sieve also announced the acquisition of two new customers:

— AbaNet (, a Mexican ASP with Motorola’s Wireless Internet
Platform “Canopy” and Intel’s WiFi HotSpot Project partnership at several
locations throughout Mexico, has chosen the Net-Sieve platform to help
solve their customers SPAM problems and pornographic blocking. “With this
solution, we plan to deliver a Wireless high speed Internet access with
Net-Sieve’s anti-Spam & content Filtering bundled service. This, will give
us four arms more to differentiate toward competitors,” said Mauricio E. de
la Torre Ayala, Chief Sales Officer of AbaNet.

— Home Federal Savings Bank based in Rochester, Minnesota has also become
a satisfied Net-Sieve customer. “I liked the feature set, plug and play
nature of the unit and obviously, the effectiveness or stopping most of our
SPAM and not blocking genuine email message to and from customers,” said
Roberts M. Hoenisch Sr. of Home Federal Saving Bank.

The Net-Sieve products block SPAM email and pornographic images transmitted
to a web browser or via email. The product resides between a company’s or
ISP’s (Internet service provider) connection to the Internet via both
incoming and outgoing Ethernet connections. The Net-Sieve products examine
the contents and images of a web site and determines whether the site
displays what is commonly accepted as pornographic content.

“The Return on Investment (ROI) for installing a SPAM-filtering device at
company is a matter of days before it typically pays for itself in regained
productivity, said Dewey Coffman, President and CEO of Net-Sieve. “Complete
Internet filtering including web-filtering can show an quicker ROI, the
Net-Sieve product can do both.”

Contact: Net-Sieve Sales, 9130 Jollyville Road, Suite 270, Austin, TX
78759, 512-343-2933 x235, 1-877-NET-SIEVE, FAX 512-343-7422 or Email to: For Latin
America: or Email to:

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