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Aladdin updates Stuffit Deluxe, Standard

Aladdin Systems today released StuffIt Deluxe 7.0.3 and StuffIt Standard Edition 7.0.3, the newest Mac versions of its access and compression utilities. The 7.0.3 release improves support for Mac OS X’s UNIX environment by adding the ability to browse Tape Archives (.Tar), Bzip2, and Gzip. The update provides support for RAR 3.0, adds an improved “Expert Mode” dialog for compression settings, and fixes a number of bugs. StuffIt Deluxe 7.0.3 was also optimized to provide tighter compression of a wide range of file types. StuffIt Deluxe is priced at US$79.99, while StuffIt Standard Edition sells for $49.99. Registered owners of earlier versions of StuffIt Lite, StuffIt Standard, DropStuff, or DropZip can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe 7.0.3 for $49.99.

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