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Toronto, Ontario – April 8, 2003 – Rage Software today announced the
immediate availability of WebDesign 2.1, A major upgrade to the fully
featured web-authoring package for the Mac OS and Mac OS X.

WebDesign Includes built in support for HTML 3.2, all versions of HTML 4,
XHTML 1.0, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets, ASP and JavaScript. WebDesign
allows HTML tags to be automatically generated using its built in wizards
while allowing direct manipulation of source code through its powerful text

Edit files locally or remotely using WebDesign’s built in FTP Client. Keep
your web sites up to date and organized with WebDesign’s Site Manager. Use
WebDesign Includes to allow customization of an entire site by editing one

WebDesign’s text editor includes many unique features making web authoring
a whole lot easier. Including full customizable syntax coloring with
support for HTML, XHTML and PHP color coding. Line numbers, auto indenting,
soft wrapping options and more allow web developers to keep their code
error free, organized and readable.

When you’re finished developing or editing your web page, run it through
WebDesign’s HTML syntax checker and optimizer to get the best performance
out of your HTML code. Preview your web site in any browser, translate it
into multiple languages, check your spelling then upload it to your FTP
server all from within WebDesign.

New in WebDesign 2.1

WebDesign 2.1 includes an Open Any menu item allowing you to open any kind
of file in WebDesign’s editor. A Cascading Style Sheets editing mode
provides CSS syntax coloring, an makes it easier to work with CSS documents.

WebDesign now allows you to add third party applications allowing you to
edit the current document in. Providing the ability to use multiple
applications to edit documents and then bring them back to WebDesign which
will automatically recognize the changes. Integration with the Mac OS X
shell and terminal, a greatly improved site manager with more file
management features and contextual menus as well as better previewing in
browser features are also included in this update.

Other enhancements include better performance when working with large
documents, issues with the auto recover features, problems uploading images
through the built in FTP client and more have all been fixed in this new

This version of WebDesign is free for registered users of WebDesign 2.x.
Users of WebDesign 1.x can upgrade to version 2.x for $20.95 US.

Pricing & Availability

WebDesign can be purchased for $29.95 US through the Rage Software Online
Store at Volume and academic
discounts are also available and can be ordered from the link above.

Users of WebDesign 1.x can upgrade to version 2.x for $20.95 US. Users who
purchased WebDesign after October 1, 2002, can upgrade to WebDesign 2.x for

Rage Software has partnered with westciv ( to
provide users with a complete HTML/XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets
tutorial. The tutorial and WebDesign can be purchased together as a bundle
for just $44.95 US. A 20% discount if bought separately.

Rage Software also offers a competitive upgrade option for registered users
of PageSpinner 3.x or higher. Cross upgrade to WebDesign for just $20.95 US.

A free trial version of WebDesign is available from the WebDesign web site
at Try WebDesign without
limitations up to 20 times.

Additional Information

For features, benefits, screen shots resources and more, visit the
WebDesign web site at Detailed FAQs
can be found at the WebDesign FAQ page at The Rage Software newsletter offers
updates, announcements, tips and tricks for various software products. You
can sign up to the newsletter at

About Rage Software

Founded in 1999, Rage Software has been providing quality Macintosh
software including a wide range of file management tools and web authoring
products. Rage Software aims to provide useful and time saving applications
to Mac users at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Macintosh utilities including
WebDesign, Macintosh Explorer, Invisible Finder and CSM Maker. More
information can be found about these products at . Rage Software’s products
have won many favorable reviews in major industry publications including
MacWorld, Mac People, Apple Developer Connection News, MACUP, and Mac

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