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XtroVERT Xserve RAID vertical enclosure debuts

XtremeMac today introduced XtroVERT, a vertical enclosure for Apple’s new Xserve RAID. The XtroVERT’s shape is finished to match the Xserve RAID perfectly, and provides a fully integrated, single-unit look. XtroVERT features a pedestal that is made of extruded aluminum that extends the full depth of the Xserve RAID. The design includes a special base plate, coated to prevent scratching of the Xserve RAID when it slides into place. A steel cover provides protection, increased rigidity, and a matching finished surface to the main body of the RAID. It also adheres to Apple’s physical mounting specification for vibration dampening. XtroVERT will be on display at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention this week in Apple’s booth and the ProMax booth. It will ship in June for US$299.

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