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fe77 Server Suite v1.1

Design. Develop. Deploy.

fe77 Server Suite v1.1 provides standards based, enterprise
application development and production environments allowing users to
design, develop and deploy applications all using the same platform
and software.

open standards, unix power, mac friendly.

fe77 Server Suite enables users to leverage existing Mac OS X ready
hardware to provide industry standard application services. Why build
on a Mac and host with Windows , Linux or Solaris when you can do it
all from the comfort of your mac.

For Immediate Release

San Francisco, California, April 8, 2003 – FE77 today updated the
add-on components of its popular Server Suite to include PHP 4.3.1 and
Apache Cocoon 2.0.4 (for both JDK 1.2-1.3 and 1.4).

Fe77 Server Suite is an integrated server system with graphical
installer and configuration utility designed to help Mac users
leverage their existing software and hardware investments with a
powerful set of web development tools and production quality server
components, Including powerful WebDAV support in both Apache2 and

Additional modules can be downloaded from our website,,
and include phpMyAdmin 2.4.0 and Postgre SQL 7.3.2 provided by Mark

Fe77 Server Suite is designed to leverage existing OS X 10.2+ Client
software and hardware and allows users to design, develop and deploy
enterprise class applications without ever leaving their favorite OS

* Develop and deploy JSP & Servlet applications with Tomcat
* Deliver high performance web services with Apache 2
* Create and share content via WebDAV publishing framework
* Develop and deploy XSL/XSLT applications with Cocoon 2.0.4
* Develop and deploy PHP applications with PHP 4.3.1

Premium Software Update Subscription Service

Protect your software investment with the new premium subscription
service which allows you to automatically receive important server
component updates on CD, delivered to your door. Keep multiple server
installations in sync with this convenient and cost-effective update

Pricing & Availability

Fe77 Server Suite for OS X can be purchased now through our online
store ( and starts at $60.00 for commercial use. Students
and Teachers at qualified schools can participate in our FE77
University program and realize deep discounts on Server Suite products
for personal, educational and research use starting at only $19.95.

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