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Apple consolidating .Mac and Apple ID accounts

Apple sent out an email today informing those who have both a .Mac account and an Apple ID that it will unify Web-based account login information on April 10. If your account names (User IDs) for your Apple ID and .Mac are the same, you will still use that account name. If they do not match, the .Mac information will override your Apple ID. For those with the same Apple ID and .Mac account names, your .Mac password will become your Apple ID password and your old Apple ID password will no longer work. “Additionally, if your .Mac account included your billing information and your Apple ID did not, your 1-Click accounts are now populated with your .Mac billing information. If you’d prefer not to use the same billing information for .Mac and your Apple ID account, you can visit the Apple Store or iPhoto and change your 1-Click billing information at any time.”

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