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OpenOSX enhanced Jaguar update now available

OpenOSX today announced the availability of an enhanced version of their Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) Updater in the form of a free downloadable package. Included in the update is a new version of OpenPrint that will resolve a potential printing issue with OpenOSX Office 1.0 on Jaguar systems and offers additional updated software such as OroborOSX 0.85, bringing new features and increased performance and stability. The update will enable Jaguar compatibility for OpenOSX Office, OpenOSX Grass (versions prior to 5.0.0 – newer versions do not require the update), OpenOSX Gimp and OpenOSX XFree products. OpenOSX’s OpenPrint program enables native Print Center support for their Office product (and any X11 based application that supports postscript printing).

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