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Media 100 announces Media 100 i v8.2 software

Media 100 today announced version 8.2 of the software for the company’s family of Media 100 i digital video solutions for Mac OS X. Version 8.2 expands the Media 100 i toolsets for editing, effects design, and media management. In addition, the updated version gives Media 100 i editors tighter integration with 844/X, its editing system for compositing of unlimited layers. Media 100 plans first shipments of Media 100 i v8.2 software in the third quarter of 2003. New Media 100 i systems shipped to customers after April 2, 2003, will receive v8.2 at no charge. Media 100 i is available in five configurations with list prices ranging from US$1,995 to $14,995 for Media 100 software and hardware.

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