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24U Simple Suite

Subject: [ANN] 24U released 24U Simple Suite

Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 24U Software Introduces 24U Simple Suite, an
integrated suite of FileMaker plug-ins, specifically designed to simplify
development of complex database solutions based on FileMaker Pro, an
industry-leading cross-platform database environment.

“FileMaker, Inc. made database development simple with FileMaker Pro, and
we make FileMaker development simple with our plug-ins,” said Honza
Koudelka, Quality Control Manager of 24U. “It is not only our goal to add
new functionality to FileMaker Pro, but to make it easier to implement in
the first place.”

24U Simple Suite is a great new way of licensing 24U’s FileMaker plug-ins.
After paying a fairly low annual licensing fee, you will have the right to
use all 24U’s plug-ins in their most recent versions. This includes any
upgrades and/or new plug-in releases.

“We plan to release significant upgrades to all our plug-ins, as well as
brand new products later this year, and in the years to come. By
introducing 24U Simple Suite we are offering new subscribers an opportunity
to use the newest versions, including plug-ins for all new versions of
FileMaker Pro, as soon as we release them, and in some cases even sooner”
said Honza Koudelka.

At this time, 24U Simple Suite covers all 4 of our most successful products
– 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In, 24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In, 24U PlaySound
Plug-In, and 24U Transcoding Plug-In. These plug-ins target four different
areas of FileMaker solution development where they can simplify the
developer’s work significantly. By combining them together, even more power
can be unleashed.

Thus, a solution’s main file can call an external script, using 24U
Preferences+Globals Plug-In to provide parameter values for it. The
external script can then display a dialog with several options, using 24U
SimpleDialog Plug-In. Once the user has set their options, this script can
then save them in a preferences file, using 24U Preferences+Globals
Plug-In. It can take one of the entered values (i.e. user’s name), encode
it into hexadecimal, using 24U Transcoding Plug-in, to avoid unwanted
characters, and use the result as part of the primary key for
relationships. The script will then return values to the calling script in
global variables, managed by 24U Preferences+Globals Plug-in. At last, if
something important happens, the user can be alerted by a custom sound
which they have choosen in the options dialog, using 24U PlaySound Plug-In.

Pricing & Availability
24U Simple Suite is immediately available for online purchase at
( The one-year licence for 24U
SimpleSuite costs $171 USD per site, allowing buyers to legally use all
24U’s plug-ins on all computers possessed by the same company within a
distance of 100 miles (160 kilometers), including any new versions and/or
newly released plug-ins.

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