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Trolltech’s Qtopia: Over 1000 3rd Party Apps Now Available

Market Momentum Building for Trolltech’s Qtopia

Trolltech releases new version of Qtopia, announces over 1,000 apps for the

OSLO, Norway and SANTA CLARA, Calif-March 5, 2003 – The rapid evolution of
Trolltech’s(r) Qtopia(r) continues with the latest release of Qtopia 1.6,
an embedded Linux application platform, and the announcement that there are
now over 1000 3rd party applications available.

Qtopia 1.6 is a complete, powerful application platform, enabling the
creation of state of the art mobile devices. Being able to customize not
only the look and feel, but also the screen size and orientation of a
mobile device, gives manufacturers the control they seek over their devices.

The Qtopia developer community, representing both open source and
commercial developers, have created over a thousand applications for the
platform. Based on the multiplatform Qt(r) C++ application framework, the
Qtopia SDK enables developers to create powerful applications efficiently.
Additionally, those same applications can run on all major desktop
operating systems, due to the portability of the Qt framework.

“Qtopia is designed to provide a rock-solid base for mobile device
manufacturers, while enabling easy creation of 3rd party applications,”
said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO. “By ensuring application compatibility
between versions, manufacturers can create new mobile devices, using Qtopia
1.6, with heaps of 3rd party applications already available.”

New features in Qtopia 1.6 include:

– Application Compatibility: All existing Qtopia applications are able to
run, unchanged, on Qtopia 1.6.

– Outlook Synchronization: Qtopia 1.6 comes equipped with personal
information management synchronization with Microsoft(r) Outlook(r) via
Qtopia Desktop.

– Today application: Qtopia’s new Today application, which provides an
update for the coming day, let’s users select which data they wish to
display. Default settings include calendar events, received email, and to
do items.

– Plug-in framework: Qtopia 1.6 contains a new plug-in framework for adding
new features to Qtopia devices. Users will be able to easily update their
application taskbar, add new fonts, plug in new multimedia formats,
add/remove input methods and many other features.

– End-user customization: Includes icon size and layout, add background
colors or pictures, and change the color and look of the windows and

– Display customization: Manufacturers can focus on what they like doing
best-creating innovative hardware designs. Qtopia 1.6 supports multiple
display sizes (176 x 204, 240 x 320 and 480 x 640 pixels) and both
landscape and portrait orientation.

– Voice Recorder: Qtopia’s new Voice Recorder provides users with a
powerful recording application. Users can select quality levels of
recording, including bit rate and mono or stereo sound.

– Improved Qtopia Desktop: There have been numerous improvements to Qtopia
Desktop, including the addition of one-click application installation,
back-up and restore functionality, synchronization across wireless
networks, and a large number of usability improvements.

– Other improvements: Completely re-written multimedia player with
customizable skins, improved image viewer with better image scaling,
improved user interface for PIM applications, improved application
install/remove, and a variety of smaller improvements.

Qtopia 1.6 free edition and Qtopia Desktop for Microsoft Windows and Linux
are available for immediate download from the Trolltech website. Qtopia 1.6
commercial edition is immediately available. Contact
for details.

About Qtopia:
Qtopia is a Linux-based application platform designed to make mobile
computing simple, powerful, intuitive, and flexible. A complete
environment, Qtopia’s intuitive and customizable user interface provides
near-desktop power on mobile embedded devices.

About Trolltech:
Trolltech(r) is a software company with two flagship products: Qt(r) and
Qtopia(r). Qt is a multiplatform C++ application framework that lets
developers write single-source applications that run–natively–on Windows,
Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux. Qt has been used to build
thousands of successful commercial applications worldwide, and also the
open source KDE desktop environment. Qtopia, which is based on Qt, is the
first comprehensive application environment built for embedded Linux.
Qtopia has been chosen for IBM’s embedded Linux reference platform, for
multiple PDAs from Sharp, and many other devices. Trolltech is
headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and
Santa Clara, California. More about Trolltech can be found on its new
website at

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