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Mushroom 1.2

Mushroom 1.2

Tired of wasting time when localizing your applications? Mushroom is an
easy to use developer tool dedicated to the management of the localized
strings. More than a simple editor, it is a fully featured solution
which assists you to create and maintain the localized strings of your
projects and to keep them synchronized with the source code. Mushroom
can make you save a considerable amount of time.

Main features include
– Designed to work on projects.
– Reports all incoherences inside your project.
– Automatizes the whole localization process.
– Distributed localization support (to improve team workflow,
especially with third party translators).

This major update is a full rewriting of the application and includes
several new functionalities and changes.

– The most important new feature is the support for distributed
localization. It is based on an export/import mechanism which allows to
delegate the localization of specific languages. This feature has
especially been designed for developers helped by third party
translators since it provides them the results of Mushroom’s analysis
although they have not access to source code.

– The application finally features full undo support.

– Mushroom now supports its own documents which allow it to preserve
project specific data. Only a few settings are stored into them at this
time, but more information will be included in the future.

– Localizations edition has become more intuitive. The operations on
localized strings like deletion or reassignment are now project wide:
the list of localized strings of every target reflects changes when

– The list of supported languages is now project wide (it was specific
for each target in the previous releases) and it can be managed in a
new inspector. Moreover, supported languages can now be removed. This
functionality also allows to delete all localizations corresponding the
removed language.

Mushroom 1.2 requires any computer running Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) or
later with developer tools installed.

Mushroom 1.2 can be downloaded at

More information on our products (full descriptions, version
histories…) is available on our website at

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Best regards.

Julien Dufour

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