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DiamondSoft Ships Font Reserve Server 1.6

DiamondSoft Ships Font Reserve Server 1.6
Version 1.6 debuts Mac OS X client software, system font handling and
system-wide automatic font activation.

San Francisco, CA – March 4, 2003 – DiamondSoft Inc. today announced the
availability of a significant update to Font Reserve Server, the company’s
award-winning font management system for workgroups.

Font Reserve Server 1.6 introduces client software for Mac OS X, while
continuing to provide font management for Mac OS 9 and Classic
environments. To help administrators address the challenges of managing
fonts in users’ many System Fonts folders – especially in Mac OS X – the
update provides sophisticated system font handling. Version 1.6 also adds
system-wide automatic font activation and allows administrators to activate
fonts on client systems.

Font Reserve Server 1.6 is available today and free to all customers who
purchased it within the last six months (since Macworld New York, July
2002). For more information about upgrade pricing, visit

“As publishers start to adopt Mac OS X as the de facto standard in
publishing, we are right there, providing for all their font management
needs,” says Brian Berson, president and founder of DiamondSoft. “With the
introduction of our Mac OS X server product last year, and now with the Mac
OS X client, we address all the challenges and opportunities of using fonts
in this new publishing environment.”

What’s New in Font Reserve Server

Lauded with a Macworld Eddy upon its initial release, Font Reserve Server
has for two years now combined its administrative controls over users,
workgroups and permissions with the power of its unique font database. This
update boasts a clean, sleek, new client interface to ensure that the user
experience is seamless and intuitive. In addition, improved server
architecture provides the processing power at the enterprise level to jump
start speed, improve concurrency and deliver better throughput.

Enhancements in version 1.6 are targeted to improving administrative
controls and easing users’ workflows while maintaining a flexible,
customizable system. New features include the ability to:

*Manage fonts in Mac OS X with the revamped Font Reserve Client
application. The client now supports Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) along with Mac
OS 9.1 and 9.2.

*Activate fonts simultaneously for both Mac OS X and Classic applications
via the Classic Activator to maintain your publishing workflow.

*Activate fonts automatically as documents are opened in most Mac OS X
applications. Updated Font Sense plug-ins for high-end publishing
applications – including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress
– continue to guarantee absolute font fidelity.

*Specify the fonts allowed in users’ System Fonts folders to prevent
confusion and font conflicts. This no-risk feature knows which fonts are
required by Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Classic, so the administrator is never
in danger of moving necessary fonts.

*Set user permissions to specify how each user’s system fonts are handled.
This allows users with special needs to use additional system fonts while
preventing other users from using incorrect fonts.

* Allow the administrator to specify font sets that automatically and
permanently activate when users connect. The administrator can keep certain
fonts active on client systems without any action or interference from the

*Use fonts in OpenType, Windows TrueType and Apple dfont formats in
addition to all the standard Macintosh font formats.

*AppleScript the connection process in addition to all other features of
the client and server applications.

True Client-Server Features

An outgrowth of DiamondSoft’s groundbreaking flagship product, Font Reserve
Single User, Font Reserve Server is the only true client-server font
manager on the market. The product works by consolidating all the fonts in
the company into a database and providing users with access via the local
network or the Internet. Significant features include:

*Users and Workgroups: To control font access, an administrator divides
fonts into workgroups for specific positions or projects, then assigns
users to the workgroups. Work-group permissions control whether users can
add, delete or activate fonts. User permissions control font management
activities such as sharing font sets with a workgroup.

*Database Integrity: As with single-user Font Reserve, the database
provides a clean, hierarchical structure for font files, prevents font
corruption and collects font information such as type, version and foundry
to help differentiate multiple versions of the same font.

*License Tracking: To prevent unlicensed fonts from slipping into a
workflow, administrators can tag fonts with license information. Color
coding makes unlicensed fonts immediately apparent. To ensure compliance
with font licenses, administrators can set up workgroups that restrict font

*Keywords: Users can tag incoming fonts with keywords to track fonts by
customer, job and more. This indispensable searching and sorting
information makes it clear where a font came from and why you have it.

*Universal Access: Administrate the system from any client application
anywhere at anytime. Live updates offer users continuous access to new
fonts and changes in permissions, guaranteeing that users are always
accessing the correct fonts.

*Feature-Rich Client: The intuitive client application makes it easy for
users to find, preview, create sets, activate and sort fonts any way they
want. The wealth of information collected by Font Reserve Server provides
insight into a font’s version, class, foundry and more. In addition, the
built-in Character Map and Key Caps features provide instant access to
special characters within fonts.

*Platforms: The database runs on Mac OS X or Windows and communicates with
Mac-based clients over TCP/IP. Platforms for the server include Mac OS X
version 10.2, Windows 2000 and Windows NT; platforms for the client include
Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X v10.2. A Windows client for Font Reserve Server is
currently in development.

Who’s Using Font Reserve Server

Font Reserve Server users include major publishers, advertising agencies,
educational institutions and retailers. As publishers consider the time and
expense involved in managing fonts for a workgroup, they are increasingly
embracing the solution provided by Font Reserve Server.

DiamondSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, CA, was founded in 1995 to solve
the font management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to
provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative
aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and
laborious aspects. For more information, please visit
(, or send email to

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