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Trinfinity Software Releases Time Track 1.2.2


For immediate release.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – – February 28, 2003 – – Trinfinity Software released today
an update to Time Track, it’s popular “time tracking” software.

This update fixes a bug that caused Time Track to crash when printing all
logs and a bug that caused Time Track to quit when being sent to the
background on launch.

This update also fixed the Undo & Redo code so that it does not fill up the
application’s memory and cause it to quit when editing large files. It
fixed bugs in the Rate Calculator, the Log File selection dialog, and the
Main Window as well. The popup menus on these windows previously showed
invisible files from the Logs folder. All of these popup menus now use the
same code, which does not show invisible files.

Time Track now automatically checks to see if there is a newer version
available and informs the user if there is one available. This feature can
be disabled. The user can also manually check for updates via the “Check
For Updates” menu item to the “Online” menu.

This version has added a log file popup menu and description popup menu to
the New AutoTrack window and added a Log button to the Rate Calculator to
make it easier for the user to add the total time, rate, and total cost to
their logs.

The AutoTrack controls are now disabled when running on Windows because the
AutoTrack feature only works on Macintosh.

Time Track 1.2 introduced several extremely useful features including the
new AutoTrack feature, which allows users to automatically track the time
spent using almost any application without having to click on the start and
stop button. This feature has been designed to greatly enhance workflow and
prevent the user from losing time because they forgot to start logging. The
AutoTrack Monitor window allows the user to see which AutoTrack
applications are running and how much time has elapsed since they started
being logged. New features have been added to allow Time Track to run
autonomously in the background, including the ability to have Time Track
launched when the computer boots up and the ability to send the application
to the background when launched.

Time Track is now AppleScriptable and the downloadable archive contains
sample scripts for controlling Time Track. One of the included samples is a
FolderAction script that can be used turn logging on when a folder is
opened and turn logging off when the folder is closed. This is a great
solution for users that want to track the usage of files rather than

Time Track’s Control Strip Module (CSM), called Time Track Strip, is now
complete. This CSM gives user’s the ability to start and stop logging
without having to bring Time Track to the front. Time Track Strip’s icon
reflects the current logging status so that user’s can know at a glance
whether they are logging or not.

Numerous other improvements have been made to make using Time Track easier
and faster, including a clock on the main window that shows the time
elapsed since the user began logging, a window menu to allow the user to
select between the open windows, the ability to export log files to other
formats including TDF (Tab Delimited File), undo and redo support for log
file editing, a recent items menu, a recent descriptions popup menu, a
recent rates popup menu, and the ability to print all of the log files at

The specific issues addressed in this and previous updates are listed in
the “Time Track Version History” file located in the “Documentation” folder
of the downloadable archive.

Time Track 1.2.2 costs $24.95 for a single user license. This update is
free for all registered Time Track users. New users can download and
evaluate Time Track 1.2.2 for 30 days.

Time Track 1.2.2 is available for the following platforms:

– Macintosh PowerPC
– Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X
– Windows 32-Bit (98/NT/2000/Me/XP)

Time Track 1.2.2 is available for download at:

You can purchase Time Track 1.2.2 here:

For further information, please contact:
Eileen Newsom

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