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Belkin announces new iPod accessories

Belkin today introduced a new lineup of accessories for Apple’s iPod — the TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter, iPod Case, and the iPod Leather Organizer. The TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter (US$29.99) allows users to connect their iPod wirelessly to a home or car stereo. The Belkin iPod Case ($19.99) features a clear PVC front cover that provides a lightweight, tough solution that keeps the iPod visible and accessible. It has clearly cut holes for the device’s function keys and navigation wheel, while the back features a padded and stitched casing and swivel clip. The iPod Leather Organizer ($29.99) sports fine-grain leather construction, a form-fitting harness, slots that hold business and credit cards, a billfold for money and receipts, and mesh pocket for the iPod’s earbuds. All three of the products are set to begin shipping on March 10, 2003.

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