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Plone 1.0 Installer for Apple’s Mac OS X

Plone 1.0 Installer for Apple’s Mac OS X

LAGUNA HILLS, California — February 24, 2003 — Tyrell Software
Corporation announced the availability of the Plone 1.0 Installer for
Apple’s Mac OS X operating system today, a ready-to-install package
containing the Zope application server and the Plone Content Management
System, which redefines the open source CMS landscape.

“We searched high and low for a content management system that provided
powerful tools and Macintosh ease of use. When we found Plone, we knew our
search was over,” said Mark F. Murphy, Tyrell’s Director of Software
Development. “We believe Mac OS X is an ideal platform for this sort of
enterprise level application, and are proud to help Plone extend its reach
by making it accessible to the Macintosh community.”

Plone was the talk of the show at SolutionsLinux 2003 in Paris, France,
earlier in the month, when Plone 1.0 was announced. Many Plone-powered
sites have appeared on the Internet during the road to 1.0, and more are on
the way. Plone hits the sweet spot, being easy to install and administer,
offering advanced functionality like workflow, personalization, and
internationalization, while providing a user experience that raises the bar
to a new level.

“With the recently released Mac OS X installer for Plone, Tyrell lets us
reach an audience that is important to us, and they’ve done a great job,”
said Alexander Limi, cofounder of the Plone project at “Like the
users of Plone say – it just works, no headaches or archaic server setup
hassles. The Plone Team is passionate about the user experience, and Tyrell
has helped us maintain this profile on the Mac OS X platform.”

Free to use and modify, Plone is available for download at The Mac OS X package requires Mac OS X 10.2
“Jaguar”. Plone is available under GPL and commercial licenses.

Tyrell Software Corporation is a full-service solutions development firm
headquartered in Orange County, California with close to 20 years of
software engineering experience serving a broad range of industries. Tyrell
is committed to the open source community and is pleased to offer Plone
consulting and content management consulting to its clients. Visit for more information.

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