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Invensys offers new Web/SNMP Cards for Mac OS X, more

Invensys Powerware today introduced new and advanced versions of ConnectUPS-X and ConnectUPS-BD Web/SNMP cards featuring flexible monitoring and control capabilities and compatibility with Mac OS X. The new cards deliver real-time monitoring and control of Powerware UPSs, allowing for efficient power management across the network. They are also compatible with both 10 and 100 Mb networks, and feature three additional built-in network connections and the ability to plug in additional devices directly into the card. Mac OS X versions of the ConnectUPS cards have a list price of US$299 and include NetWatch client software, MultiView monitoring software and the upgrade utility. In addition, the company introduced the Powerware 5115 rack mount uninterruptible power system (UPS) for $330.00.

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