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Fuji announces new digital cameras

There have been numerous digital camera announcements recently, and now Fuji Photo Film has added two new offerings to the list. Today the company unveiled the first digital camera to carry its fourth-generation Super CCD HR (High Resolution), the FinePix F410. The camera, which has 3.1 million effective pixels, offers improved resolution, movie recording with sound, a small form factor, and a 3x optical and 4.4x digital zoom. In addition, Fuji announced a consumer 6.2 megapixel (S-pixel: 3.1 million, R-pixel: 3.1 million) digital camera, which carries its proprietary new Super CCD SR (Super Dynamic Range) technology. The FinePix F700 features increased dynamic range and resolution; 6.6x zoom capabilities, with a 3x optical zoom and 2.2x digital zoom; exposure modes and manual functions; rapid continuous auto-focus on demand; and movie recording with sound. The FinePix F410 will be available in this April at a suggested list price of US$499.99. The FinePix F700 is expected later this spring for a suggested list price of $599.95.

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