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Norton AntiVirus 9.0 beta available

Symantec has released a public beta of Norton AntiVirus 9.0, the latest version of its popular virus detection software. It is a native Mac OS X Cocoa application with several new features and enhancements including: PC Virus Scanning – incorporates the same virus definitions as used by Norton AntiVirus for Windows, thus allowing detection and repair of all PC Viruses; Quarantine – ability to place suspicious files into quarantine for isolation and future action; Compressed Archive Scan and Repair – automatically scan inside most compression types and repair any infections inside, without having to first manually decompress the archive; Scan Mounted Volumes – removable media (CDs, DVDs, Zip Disks) inserted and external Hard Drives that are attached to your computer are automatically scanned. The beta will expire 30 days after your initial install.

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